2014 Shooting Stars Set to Soar at the Berlinale!

Sylvia Hoeks (Shooting Star 2011) © Eric Vernazobres
Sylvia Hoeks (Shooting Stars 2011) © Eric Vernazobres

The 10 Best Young European Actors are Announced

European Film Promotion (EFP) is delighted to announce the ten EUROPEAN SHOOTING STARS for 2014. The annual showcase for up-and-coming and exceptional international acting talent, chosen by a jury of industry professionals, this year includes young performers from countries as diverse as Denmark and Serbia.

Danica Curcic
(On The Edge)
Maria Dragus
(Summer Outside)
Miriam Karlkvist
(South Is Nothing)
Marwan Kenzari (Wolf)
Jakob Oftebro (Victoria)
Mateusz Kościukiewicz © Gerhard Kassner Cosmina Stratan (Romania) © Markus Nass George MacKay (UK) © Markus Nass
(In The Name Of)
Cosmina Stratan (Beyond The Hills)
Nikola Rakocevic
Edda Magnason (Waltz For Monica)
George MacKay  (For Those In Peril)

Selected from a short list of 24 nominating European member countries, the hugely talented stars will be presented to the world's media and influential film industry experts alike, from February 8th –10th, at the Berlin International Film Festival 2014.

EUROPEAN SHOOTING STARS is part of EFP’s annual programme that is financially supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union and the participating EFP member organisations. Furthermore, each year the project is supported by generous promotional partners, allowing for a wide selection of industry-focused activities for the lucky stars to participate at the Berlinale.

Following in the footsteps of former EUROPEAN SHOOTING STARS including Carey Mulligan, Mélanie Laurent, Domhnall Gleeson and Moritz Bleibtreu, the annual Berlinale debut of the ten performers has become a high point of the festival calendar. All young stars are introduced to influential casting directors, agents, directors, producers and international media across a weekend of scheduled profile-raising events, which culminate in a ceremony at the Berlinale Palast, where each young actor receives the prestigious SHOOTING STARS award.

Renate Rose, Managing Director EFP comments, "Our 17th year of the SHOOTING STARS initiative raises the bar once again for identifying the next generation of international acting talent. We were very pleased by the performers that were nominated and are excited to support these talented newcomers in their international careers.”

The 2014 jury of industry professionals includes Norwegian actor and former EUROPEAN SHOOTING STAR Anders Baasmo Christiansen, film magazine editor Charles Gant from the United Kingdom, German film director Hermine Huntgeburth, Croatian casting director Oriana Kunčić and film producer Jani Thiltges from Luxembourg.

Said jury member Hermine Huntgeburth: "The EUROPEAN SHOOTING STARS programme has developed a reputation for uncovering raw talent and the diverse mix of actors that we have selected for 2014, from all over Europe, once again celebrates the varied backgrounds and insights our young stars bring to their craft. We are thrilled with our selection and look forward to seeing these young actors flourish and go on to great things".

DENMARK: Danica Curcic
Nominated by Danish Film Institute

© Isak Hoffmeyer



Selected films:
On The Edge (Lev stærkt) by Christian E. Christiansen (Denmark 2014)
The Absent One (Fasandræberne) by Mikkel Nørgaard (Denmark 2014)
Silent Heart by Bille August (Denmark 2014)

Jury’s comment: 
“Danica’s effortless charm lights up the screen in hit-and-run drama On The Edge (Lev Staerkt). In a film that initially seems to occupy a very male-dominated world, she quietly emerges as the story’s beating heart and moral compass.”

GERMANY: Maria Dragus
Nominated by German Films

© Stefan Klueter



Selected films:
Summer Outside (Draußen ist Sommer) by Friederike Jehn (Germany 2012)
Kill Me (Töte Mich) by Emily Atef (Germany, France, Switzerland 2012)
The White Ribbon (Das weiße Band) by Michael Haneke (Germany, Austria, France, Italy 2009)

Jury’s comment:
Maria’s personality infuses her work with a quiet strength that demands our attention. Not yet 20, she brings interior depths that suggest an actor of great maturity and accomplishment. We were captivated by her intriguing screen presence.

ITALY: Miriam Karlkvist
Nominated by Istituto Luce Cinecittà

© Debora Vrizzi 


Selected film:
South Is Nothing (Il Sud è Niente) by Fabio Mollo (Italy, France 2013)

Jury’s comment:
"Miriam makes a striking debut in South Is Nothing. We were impressed by vividly original work: a significant leading role that remains committed to the complexity of the character. By the film’s climax, Miriam’s talent is revealed in further depth, giving us an enticing glimpse of her future potential.

Nominated by EYE Film Institute Netherlands

© Janey van Ierland


Selected films:
Wolf by Jim Taihuttu (The Netherlands 2013)
Rabat by Jim Taihuttu & Victor Ponten (The Netherlands 2011)
Loft by Antoinette Beumer (The Netherlands 2010)

Jury’s comment:
In Wolf, Marwan has a very strong, masculine, magnetic screen presence, playing a naturally gifted kick-boxer whose choices send him on a criminal path. He earns our empathy while never wavering from embracing the character’s flaws, delivering a highly convincing performance that carried us on a journey.

NORWAY: Jakob Oftebro
Nominated by Norwegian Film Institute

© Anders Heinrichsen



Selected films:
Kon-Tiki by J. Rønning & E. Sandberg (Norway, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Germany 2012)
Victoria by Torun Lian (Norway 2013)
The Hidden Child (Tyskungen) by Per Hanefjord (Sweden, Germany 2013)

Jury’s comment:
“Jakob is an exceptionally charismatic young actor. He is delightful as the romantic male lead in Knut Hamsun adaptation Victoria, while demonstrating admirable breadth in the other work we viewed. We are confident that Jakob has an exceptional career ahead of him.”

POLAND: Mateusz Kościukiewicz
Nominated by Polish Film Institute

© Gerhard Kassner



Selected films:
In The Name Of... (W imię...) by Małgośka Szumowska (Poland 2013)
Mother Teresa Of Cats (Matka Teresa od kotów) by Paweł Sala (Poland 2010)
All That I Love (Wszystko co kocham) by Jacek Borcuch (Poland 2009)

Jury’s comment:
Mateusz has an intense screen presence. In contemporary Polish drama In The Name Of, he ingeniously conveys a character that journeys from enigmatic misfit to wildly unpredictable ticking bomb, enlivening his performance with a goofy energy and finally a beguiling tenderness. At all times, we were carried along with conviction.”

ROMANIA: Cosmina Stratan
Nominated by Romanian Film Promotion

© Vlad Bardu 



Selected film:
Beyond The Hills (Dupa dealuri) by Cristian Mungiu (Romania, France, Belgium 2012)

Jury’s comment:
Cosmina rules with her emotions. In Beyond The Hills, she demonstrates incredible precision in her acting, with an expertly modulated performance that keeps emotion reined in but radiates a powerful feeling.


SERBIA: Nikola Rakocevic
Nominated by Film Center Serbia

© Petar Popovic 



Selected films:
Circles (Krugovi) by Srdan Golubović (Serbia, Germany, France, Slovenia, Croatia 2013)
Trolling (S/Kidanje) by Kosta Djordjevic (Serbia 2013)
Travelator by Dusan Milic (Serbia 2014)

Jury’s comment:
The youngest of five lead actors in ensemble piece Circles, Nikola registers strongly with an exceptionally vivid performance. While showcasing consistent energy and charisma, Nikola’s additional screen credits reveal an impressive range of acting registers – indicating a versatile stealth weapon with great casting potential.”

SWEDEN: Edda Magnason
Nominated by Swedish Film Institute

© Caroline Tibell


Selected films:
Waltz For Monica (Monica Z) by Per Fly (Sweden 2013)

Jury’s comment:
In Waltz For Monica (Monica Z), Edda offers an exciting debut performance, carrying the film and our attention in every scene. She convinced us of her talent while playing a treasured Swedish icon, showcasing her fine singing voice. Thanks to Edda’s sparkling presence, audiences outside Sweden are introduced to the complex personality and star quality of jazz singer Monica Zetterlund.

Nominated by British Council

© Daniel Pick



Selected films:
How I Live Now by Kevin Macdonald (United Kingdom 2013)
Sunshine On Leith by Dexter Fletcher (United Kingdom 2013)
For Those In Peril by Paul Wright (United Kingdom 2013)

Jury’s comment:
George wowed us with his commanding performance in For Those In Peril, evoking a descent into an increasingly fractured mental state with brilliantly controlled subtlety. And the range of this young actor’s work is remarkable: in the past year alone he impressed as a singing soldier returned home in musical Sunshine On Leith; as the romantic male lead of dystopian teen drama How I Live Now; and the emotionally raw protagonist of For Those In Peril.

International press and publicity for the SHOOTING STARS at the Berlin International Film Festival 2014 will once again be handled by UK PR agency Organic Publicity.


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