Labina Mitevska

Labina Mitevska
Acclaimed Macedonian actress Labina Mitevska started her acting career with the role as Zamira in Milcho Mancevski's 1994 Golden Lion winner and Oscar®-nominated Before the Rain. In 1996, she began a successful collaboration with Michael Winterbottom on Welcome to Sarajevo and I Want You which resulted in her being selected as one of the Shooting Stars at the Berlinale in 1998. Since then she has had roles in films from across Europe, including: David Ondrichek´s Loners, Vlado Cve-tanovski´s Secret Book, Giancarlo Bocchi´s Nema Problema, Sergej Stanojkovski´s Kontakt, Christian Wagner´s  Warchild. In 2001, she established the production company 'Sisters and Brother Mitevski Production' with sister Teona and brother Vuk, later appearing in Teona's films How I Killed a Saint and I am From Titov Veles. Mitevska became a member of the European Film Academy in 1998 and in recent years has served on festival juries in Cottbus, Edinburgh, Karlovy Vary, Dresden, Plzen, Palic, Moscow and Mannheim.


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